What can we get out of meditation?


The most common short-term benefits of a regular meditation practice include heightened concentration, a more positive attitude, increased energy and better quality of sleep.  People coming to our classes also report unforeseen and delightful benefits, like finding they can keep their cool while stuck in traffic or being more centred when dealing with people at work.  Also they are usually more relaxed.

But meditation is more than concentration or relaxation; it helps you to understand yourself and how you work.  We try to still the constant movement of the mind for a while each day and enter into a different part of our being that we call the spiritual heart.  This is a place of untapped energy and spontaneous joy that is found in everyone.  Through accessing this inner place we come into contact with new elements of our nature and a significant self-discovery takes place.

The long-term benefits of meditation are incalculable because they vary according to who you are and how you apply the truths you learn in meditation to your everyday life.

“Meditation is a divine gift.  Meditation simplifies our outer life and energises our inner life.  Meditation gives us a natural and spontaneous life, a life that becomes so natural and spontaneous that we cannot breathe without being conscious of our own divinity.”

“You can change your life.  You need not wait years or even months for this change.  It begins the moment you dive into the sea of spirituality.  Try to live the life of spiritual discipline for a day, a single day.  You are bound to succeed.” – Sri Chinmoy

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