Free Meditation Classes in Cambridge


Unfortunately we were unable to offer classes during the pandemic but we are hoping that our classes will restart again shortly.

If you would like us to contact you once our classes resume, please call 01223 474489, text to +447474169910 or fill out the online contact form below.

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We would be grateful for either a phone number or a postal address to get back to you since we prefer not to use email for this purpose.

Frequently asked questions about our meditation classes

  • Who are these classes for?

These classes are for anybody who wishes to learn or practise meditation, as long as they are able to sit quietly and focus on the meditation exercises for 10 or 15 minutes at a time. Sometimes people ask if children can attend. This is OK as long as they can concentrate for long enough and aren’t likely to distract the rest of the group.

  • Do I need to bring anything or prepare myself?

There’s nothing special that you need to bring but you need to be comfortable to learn meditation. Please try to wear clean and comfortable clothing. Please try not to eat a heavy meal just before the meditation class, nor to be very hungry when you arrive. If you have a persistent cough or cold on a given night then it might be better to miss out the session if you are likely to distract others. There is no need to bring cushions or mats etc as we sit on chairs for these classes.

  • What will happen in the meetings?

We will lead you through some simple meditation exercises and we will explain a little about the theory of meditation to you. There will also be a chance to practise some chanting (saying a mantra) if you wish. After the first three sessions there are some further optional classes which will also touch upon meditation as it relates to the creative arts, spirituality, the sporting world etc.

  • Is there really no charge?

There is never any charge to attend any of our meditation classes or meetings. This is true of any Sri Chinmoy Centre anywhere in the world. We rely on voluntary contributions from our permanent members to run these classes.

  • Are the venues accessible?

The vast majority of the time we use venues which are accessible to wheelchair users and those with impaired mobility.  Please contact us if you need to know about the venue on a particular night.  If you need hand-outs in large print or you have any other special requests then please tell us in advance and we will do whatever we can to help.

More on meditation

“Meditation does not mean just sitting quietly for five or ten minutes.  It requires conscious effort.  The mind has to be made calm and quiet; at the same time, it has to be vigilant so as not to allow any distracting thoughts or desires to enter.  When we can make the mind calm and quiet, we will feel that a new creation is dawning inside us.  When the mind is vacant and tranquil and our whole existence becomes an empty vessel, our inner being can invoke infinite Peace, Light and Bliss to enter into the vessel and fill it.  This is meditation.”

– Sri Chinmoy

“Meditation is about discovering something extraordinary which is already inside yourself, but which you are not usually aware of in your everyday life.  We believe that everyone is capable of learning meditation, and that everyone can benefit from meditation whatever their philosophical or religious beliefs.  In our meditation classes we will guide you through a series of exercises to help you to quieten and calm the mind, and yet maintain an inner alertness, so that you can become aware of your own true self.”

“The moment you know
Who you really are,
All the secrets of the world
Will be an open book to you.”

– Sri Chinmoy