Sri Chinmoy

A poet, artist, philosopher, humanitarian, musician, sportsman and meditation teacher, Sri Chinmoy dedicated his life to the service of mankind through these many different avenues of endeavour.  He set up meditation centres all over the world so that meditation classes could be offered free-of-charge to everyone and anybody who felt an interest.  He wrote and lectured extensively on a wide range of spiritual and humanitarian topics, always with a view to inspiring his audience towards higher ideals.  He offered more than 800 concerts of meditative music, always completely free of charge, to bring an experience of personal peace to the listener.  

 Today Sri Chinmoy’s teachings are bringing hope and inspiration to people all over the world through his books, his music and the activities of the worldwide Sri Chinmoy Centres

Sri Chinmoy’s Links with Cambridge

Sri Chinmoy visited Cambridge on a number of different occasions and gave several talks and concerts in Cambridge.

Below are links to some of the talks which were given in Cambridge:

June 21st 1976

November 1st 2000, King’s College

November 23rd 1972, King’s College

 “Cambridge, I bow to your aspiration-height. I bow to your knowledge-light. I bow to your divine pride. True, you are of England, you are in England, but you are of the world at large. The entire world claims you as its very own.”

– Sri Chinmoy, November 3rd 1970, King’s College