About our meditation classes

We offer sets of meditation classes three or four times each year which are completely free of charge from beginning to end.  We typically start off with an intensive set of two classes, around 75 minutes in length.  Then there is a chance to continue for a further four or five weeks to develop your meditation practice further and learn a little more about how meditation can impact positively on different aspects of your life.  We teach a range of different meditation exercises in our classes, all of them based on the extensive writings of Sri Chinmoy.  Since each of us is different, our personal meditation practices will evolve in a unique way.  So we keep our practice flexible and encourage you to go with your own inspirations and intuitions.

Who comes to our meditation classes?  Well there is no typical student.  We have people of all ages, nationalities, backgrounds, of many different professions and of none.  Sometimes people who practice a particular religion want to learn meditation to strengthen their faith.  More often people do not feel that they have any particular religious or spiritual beliefs and yet they still feel the need to go within and bring more peace and poise into their lives.

Will it suit you?  Well, we cannot tell you that! But you are more than welcome to come along to our classes and answer that question for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you come across this web-site at a time of year where you have to wait a few weeks for your class to start, we would recommend that you try the exercise below to get a head start.  It is very helpful to use background music when you first learn meditation so we would also suggest that you download some free meditation music.

“Imagine the vast sky.  In the beginning try to feel that the sky is in front of you, later try to feel that you are the vast sky itself.  After a few minutes, try to see and feel that the sky is inside your heart.  Please feel that you are the universal heart, and that inside you is the sky that you meditated upon and identified yourself with.  Your spiritual heart is infinitely vaster than the sky, so that you can easily house the sky within yourself.”

Sri Chinmoy